About H2020 Manuals

Tools are published by Replika PRO ltd., one of the leading companies in obtaining EU funds for clients that has contributed to the realization of more than 27.5 millions of euros in EU funded projects of innovative companies and research organizations.

We are trusted by:
- small and medium sized high-technology ICT companies
- leading research institutes
- organizations from the field of social entrepreneurship

We make the process of obtaining EU funds easier and, most importantly, we ensure that good projects get off the ground with possibly the best source of funding available. Our innovation and excellence in project management, our understanding of EU programme objectives, and our ability to identify business opportunities are reflected in our success in obtaining grants for our customers. 

Authors of the tools are an international team of experts with years of direct and hands-on experience in EU funding and have successfully consulted, cooperated, evaluated and managed several EU projects.

Dr. Borut Del Fabbro is an experienced project developer and evaluator and serves also as consultant to Venture Capital Funds. He has coordinated numerous successful EU funded proposals and participated in several EU funded projects. He is a tireless executive with a broad set of knowledge ranging from project appraisal and financing  to leadership and marketing skills.

Rok Berovič is a project and business development manager with a proven expertise in project management, business planning and strategy, market research, and project planning and implementation. His skills and knowledge have contributed to realization of multiple H2020 and other EU funded proposals.

Dr. Benjamin Leskovec has years of experience in EU funding programmes. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he is known for his ability to recognize feasible project opportunities. He has thus contributed to development and preparation of several EU proposals that led to projects with meaningful outcomes for participants and European society in general.