SME Instrument Phase 2 Proposal Clinic

SME Instrument Phase 2 Proposal Clinic

The SME Instrument Phase 2 Proposal Clinic is a thorough examination of your SME-2 proposal in two stages, including interactive feedback in a form of two Skype session, where we provide you with comments and recommendations to reach the proposal's full potential.

Proposal Clinic is the best choice when you need another set of eyes to independently assess your proposal before submitting it. You can count on thorough and frank assessment, comparable to official SME Instrument evaluation process, with concrete advice and improvement tips.

Step 1: You must send us your SME-2 proposal in its current form at least 48 hours before we can provide you with feedback. We will then do some background research on the topic and previous projects funded in the area, and thoroughly examine the proposal.

Step 2: We will provide an interactive feedback on the proposal in a form of 60 minutes Skype session. The debate will provide you with recommendations for improvements in order to reach the full potential of the proposal. Concrete advice and instructions will help you improve your proposal. 

We will also provide you with our notes, summarizing:

  • general impression of the proposal
  • overview of shortcomings
  • suggestions for improvement

Step 3: After you refine your proposal according to our suggestions, you send it into another  review. In the second 20 minutes Skype session we provide you with the feedback about the improvements you made. That way you can find out whether your corrections went in the right direction. If this is not the case, you will have another chance to improve your proposal and significantly increase your chances of winning the SME Instrument grant.

All information, disclosed within the Proposal Clinic, are kept confidential and protected with NDA.

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