Research&Innovation Actions / Innovation Actions Proposal Review

Research&Innovation Actions / Innovation Actions Proposal Review
Research&Innovation actions / Innovation actions Proposal Review is the best choice when you want to have your proposal examined by an independent evaluator that has a lot of experience in evaluating H2020 proposals before you submit it. You can count on thorough and frank assessment, comparable to the official evaluation process. Concrete advice will help you improve your proposal and significantly increase your chances of winning the Horizon 2020 grant.

REVIEW includes:
  • general impression of the proposal
  • list of shortcomings
  • suggestions for improvement
  • precise comments and changes throughout the proposal, including:
    • unclear definitions and sentences;
    • pointing to the inconsistencies of the claims;
    • marking of the "empty" sentences - text which is "written & sounds nice" but has no value for the proposal and for the evaluator;
    • verifying claimed statements vs. actual explanation/substantiation/verification of those; 
    • asking for references and substantiations where missing;
    • checking IPR and proposed Management mechanism appropriateness vs. proposed project;
    • verification of financial scheme, especially appropriateness of using subcontractors and/or "in-kind" contributors;
    • overall consistency of the text, styles and terminology/expressions;
    • correction of some grammatical errors if found.
Comments will be made when necessary in detail through the whole text and not only per whole sections of the text or general notes. General remarks/comments will be made through whole sections of the proposal.

  • all the elements of the basic proposal review
  • an assessment based on the official evaluation form


  • all the elements of the Review and Evaluation
  • one more final reading, again with comments, suggestions and final feedback

Send us your RIA / IA proposal in its current form in MS Word format to make it easier for the evaluator to comment on it. Our experts, that have experience in evaluating H2020 proposals, will then thoroughly examine the proposal and provide a written review. Reviewed proposal will be sent back to you within 5 working days.

All information, disclosed within the Proposal Review, are kept confidential and protected with Non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

All comments and recommendations are provided in good faith based on the evaluators’ experiences and the official evaluation criteria. There are no guarantees for the success of reviewed proposals. It is the applicants' responsibility to determine whether to make suggested changes to the proposal or not.

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