SME Instrument Phase 1 Proposal Template

SME Instrument Phase 1 Proposal Template

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The template is based on the manual "How to write a winning H2020 proposal - SME Instrument Phase 1", written by an international team of EU funding experts and is based on personal experience, experience of winning and rejected proposals, and insights from SME Instrument evaluators.

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  • significantly improved standard proposal template with clarifications of vague instructions
  • optimized structure for each chapter with guidelines that will make sure, you don't forget to include any essential information about your project 
  • additional guidelines for each sub-chapter and clarifications that will help you understand what evaluators look for in your proposal
    • optimally formatted styles that will help you optimize fonts and sizes for maximum text space per surface
    • predefined visuals that are essential for a clear and suitable structure of the proposal
    • pre-formatted charts and diagrams (e.g. Milestones and Deliverables Tables, and Work Package Tables)
    • priceless insider knowledge of experienced SME Instrument specialists, that will save you thousands of euros otherwise spent for external consultants and research on SME-1 requirements
    • clear explanaitions of what is required in each section that will ensure that your proposal is consistent and aligned with SME-1 criteria and requirements
    • important advice on secrets of winning SME-1 proposals
    • additional tips and tricks to ensure that your proposal will attract evaluators' attention

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