Funding Expert Academy Toolkit

Funding Expert Academy Toolkit

Funding Expert Academy Toolkit consists of two files:

a) Student Workbook

b) Resources Folder 

Both files are very valuable for anyone interested in being successful in European funding with a fraction of the effort applied by other winning applicants.

Especially the Resources Folder contains examples and content valuable for facilitating the development and writing of your grant application. It is considered the "Swiss army knife" for winning grant applications.

The Funding Expert Academy Student Workbook is the exact workbook that is used by students in Funding Expert Academy Programme (normal price is 1997 EUR!). The participants in the Funding Expert Academy Programme are actively engaged by filling in the gaps (missing information) while they watch the training videos and at the end of the course, they have a step-by-step guide on how to develop successful proposals in any programme and/or how to get involved as partners in successful proposals initiated by others. 

You can purchase immediately the electronic versions!

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