Horizon2020 RIA & IA Expert Course

Horizon2020 RIA & IA Expert Course


Join this comprehensive step-by-step training for developing collaborative Horizon 2020 proposals and more specifically RIA (Research and Innovation) and IA (Innovation Actions)

Hi there!

I am Nikolaos Floratos, the founder of Funding Expert Academy. I transform individuals into funding experts with a value, which means into professionals that develop successful grant proposals in a fraction of the effort and resources invested by other winning applicants.

I know this because I have done it for hundreds of individuals and organizations from all over Europe and the whole world. The most successful actors in Horizon 2020 are either my friends or ex-students.

But enough about me for now, what about you!

This course is for you in case you face any of the following challenges: 

  1. To develop successful grant proposals consistently and with high success rate in highly competitive calls such as for Horizon 2020 collaborative projects (Research & Innovation Actions, RIA and IA)?

  2. To form on behalf of your organization as leader a consortium of high quality for transcending your mission and vision?

  3. To join on behalf of your organization as partner other proposals initiated by champions in proposal funding?

  4. To understand what other organizations are doing and they become champions in highly competitive calls of proposals in Horizon 2020

As an EC evaluator, I knew that there were organizations that were very successful and consistent in developing winning grant proposals and they were actually enjoying this process as champions.

After working with and studying hundreds of champions, I have realized something extraordinary! All of them were following similar processes, approach and steps and I have taken the best practices on each step from all the studied champions and I came up with the Funding Expert Transformation FET™ formula/process that consists of three main phases that I have been testing it and further improving it the last 10 years in various European Funding programmes.

The results were remarkable and continue to impress me! since all the individuals and organizations that have worked with me and have applied the FET™ recipe for Horizon 2020, they had almost 100% success rate that is to have a winning proposal. I understand that this sounds too good to be true for a programme with a success rate around 10% and in some cases with even lower one. 

However, there is one condition for 100% success rate that to my view is simple. You have to apply the FET™ formula fully and consistently without any compromises or deviations and to be in a position to realize the deviations you follow during the proposal development process and come back to track immediately. This is important, since the more compromises or deviations from the optimum path, the less great the Horizon proposal is and only great proposals in Horizon 2020 can get funded.

So what I am offering today to you is the opportunity to work with me and master the FET™ formula for developing winning Horizon 2020 RIA and IA actions. 

I consider this training course as an accelerator for Horizon 2020 because it is comprehensive and equally applicable to experienced players that wish to master it even further but also to novices in Horizon 2020 that wish to get involved as partners and hopefully as coordinators in the near future.

I guarantee you that this programme will be the most valuable asset for your excellence in Horizon 2020 collaborative projects (RIA and IA) irrespectively to your level of expertise.  The programme comprises five weeks training programme that will give you everything you need to know in order to become a champion under Horizon 2020 programme. The course consists of five weeks/modules as follows:

  1. 1st week /module – Horizon 2020 Fundamentals - Where and how to start with Horizon 2020 and some important issues
  2. 2nd week/module – How to consistently exploit successfully H2020 and how to identify the most promising H2020 opportunity for your organization, department, unit, team or even client
  3. 3rd week/module – All the steps in detail for developing and submitting a successful proposal based on the I.C.R.E.A.T.E.S.™ formula
  4. 4th week/module – How evaluators think and act and how to impress them with your "Excellence" section in your application form
  5. 5th week/module – How to impress evaluators with your "Impact" and "Implementation" section in your application

Every week, you will have access to that week's/module training so that not to overwhelm you and to give you the opportunity to study the week's content also during the weekend. After the 5th week, you will have access to all modules for life! In order to facilitate your video based learning, we have prepared the student's workbook.  As soon as you have completed your workbook, you will have a detailed and practical step-by-step guide on how to develop great proposals for Horizon2020 collaborative RIA and IA actions. Furthermore, you will get coached personally by me (Nikolaos Floratos) where you can ask me any questions that will help you to advance faster to a Horizon 2020 champion with value! This is PRICELESS - you ask Nikolaos anything, and he personally coaches you on the forum every single week!

In addition, by purchasing this course, you will receive great bonuses that are outlined below:

  1. Bonus #1: I will evaluate your proposal idea that you plan to submit under any Horizon 2020 call, I will tell you its applicability as well as further advice and steps. e.g. what kind of partners it is a must to have on board, whom to contact for further feedback and what to pay attention to for skyrocketing your application. (Value €4,997))

  2. Bonus #2: You receive as bonus two tickets for free to attend the 3 days live Funding Expert Academy event taking place in beautiful Athens, Greece every autumn. In this event, you will have the opportunity to get trained by me live and discuss and address face-to-face any specific challenges you face in Horizon 2020 programme or in any other programme. You will have also the chance to network with other thought leaders and experts in the funding industry and establish new partnerships or share experiences and good practices. The tickets belong to you and you can come with a partner, donate them or even sell them. We will send you details on the venue data and place well in advance. (Value: €3,997).

  3. Bonus #3: You have access to the programme for life! Yes, for life without worrying to complete it by a specific time or without the need to try to remember everything that you learn. All the videos will be available to you for life for coming back as many times as you wish and repeating anything that you don’t remember until you are confident enough.

  4. Bonus #4: We are very confident on the value of this programme and the transformation that anyone can achieve by following the FET™ process, but we understand that you may not be since we may haven't collaborated in the past. Therefore, we offer 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with ANY part of the program for ANY reason, just tell us within 30-days and you'll receive a full refund - no problem, no hassles, no risk, no worries.



A great Idea is not enough

An excellent project proposal is essential. In order to prepare one, most winners have relied on outsourced EU proposal experts. But good experts are expensive and have only limited time. This means that organisations, that already have funding, also have the best chances to succeed. But it should be exactly the opposite. The EU funds should support those projects that cannot be realized due to lack of or insufficient funding.

Fair opportunity for everyone

We decided to change this and give everybody a fair opportunity to get their project funded. This is how the H2020 Manuals were born. We decided to share our knowledge and know-how in this manual and make it accessible to larger public at just a fraction of the regular cost. In this way we can help more great ideas succeed and we give an opportunity to all those, who cannot afford a one-on-one consultancy.

Our experience shows that...

Most of the winning proposals use similar writing approach, formation and tricks that allow them to be assessed fast and earn exceptional evaluation scores. On the other hand, most of the rejected SME Instrument proposals fail to deliver the right information, contain fatal mistakes or drop out essential but not obvious elements that are critical for success.