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Step-by-step guidance

H2020 Manuals is a series of manuals that contain step-by-step guidance for writing a winning Horizon 2020 proposal. Manuals include all information about Horizon 2020 in one place, explain evaluation process in details, allow self-assessment, and offer hands-on examples of best practices based on winning H2020 proposals and expert insight. Manuals are a perfect solution for consultants that want to deepen their understanding of the program and save time and resources preparing H2020 proposals.

For experts and innovative companies

Manuals are also aimed at innovative companies that cannot afford one-on-one consultation, as well as first time applicants to H2020 calls, applicants that are re-submitting their proposal, and innovative SMEs, who are interested in getting the insider knowledge and information, which increase your chance of success.


More than just officially available information

Our tools are much more than than mere collection of official and non-official information available online. Every information is supported with valuable insights from experienced SME evaluators and best practice examples. There is no unnecessary theory. Our tools include practical and useful secrets, not available anywhere else.

Simple, user friendly language

Authors of the manual explain in simple and jargon free language what are the elements of the winning proposals and what are the biggest mistakes of rejected proposals.

Save time and money

You will save valuable time and costs, that would be otherwise allocated to alternative solutions, such as heavier engagement of your in-house resources or expensive consulting services.