SME Instrument Phase 2 Full Package

SME Instrument Phase 2 Full Package


Get all the answers on how to write a winning proposal, save time with professional proposal template, make sure your proposal meets all the evaluation criteria AND get high-quality feedback from experienced evaluators!


This tool box offers you four essential tools for an effective proposal writing:

1. SME Instrument Phase 2 Manual - printed, large format, 192 pages

2. SME Instrument Phase 2 Proposal Template - document file

3. SME Instrument Phase 2 Ultimate Self-Assessment Tool - online access

4. SME Instrument Phase 2 Proposal Clinic - Skype session 



      • tips and tricks that will help you write a winning proposal
      • clear guidelines on developing the right strategy for the proposal
      • best practice examples used by winning SME Instrument proposals
      • explanation of the evaluation process and exact evaluation criteria 
      • additional guidelines and clarification for each proposal sub-chapter
      • instructions on formatting and styling of your proposal
      • a guarantee on not missing out any key information - answer to all necessary elements and questions and include essential elements
      • editable visuals for presenting your data
      • save your energy and time spent on styling
      • focus entirely on the content, instead of spending your time on the layout and formatting
      • recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal
      • recognize and avoid mistakes that could kill your proposal
      • understand the full potential of your innovation
      • better allocate your time and effort when preparing the proposal
      • prepare a winning SME-2 proposal in accordance with evaluation criteria


                        • improve your proposal through tips from experienced SME experts, who will simulate the official evaluation procedure
                        • get recommendations for the improvement of your proposal
                        • understand the stregths and weaknesses and overall potential of your proposal
                        • focus on the important elements of the proposal
                        • meet the real evaluation criteria, which will significantly improve your proposal scores

                        WHO WILL FIND THIS KNOW-HOW USEFUL

                        • experienced consultants that want to deepen their understanding of the SME Instrument
                        • consultation companies that want to save time and resources when transferring their SME knowledge to their junior consultants
                        • innovative SMEs looking to learn how to pitch their business ideas from experience of the winning Horizon 2020 applicants
                        • first time applicants for the SME Instrument
                        • applicants re-submitting their proposals to SME Instrument Phase 2
                        • all SME Instrument applicants interested in getting the insider knowledge on writing winning H2020 proposals

                        WHY ARE WE OFFERING THIS?

                        A great Idea is not enough

                        An excellent project proposal is essential. In order to prepare one, most winners have relied on outsourced EU proposal experts. But good experts are expensive and have only limited time. This means that organisations, that already have funding, also have the best chances to succeed. But it should be exactly the opposite. The EU funds should support those projects that cannot be realized due to lack of or insufficient funding.

                        Fair opportunity for everyone

                        We decided to change this and give everybody a fair opportunity to get their project funded. This is how the H2020 Manuals were born. We decided to share our knowledge and know-how in this manual and make it accessible to larger public at just a fraction of the regular cost. In this way we can help more great ideas succeed and we give an opportunity to all those, who cannot afford a one-on-one consultancy.

                        Our experience shows that...

                        Most of the winning proposals use similar writing approach, formation and tricks that allow them to be assessed fast and earn exceptional evaluation scores. On the other hand, most of the rejected SME Instrument proposals fail to deliver the right information, contain fatal mistakes or drop out essential but not obvious elements that are critical for success.